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SoHo Angel Season Calendar


What  is  SoHo  Angel  Dance  Company?


We offer three seasons throughout the year, during which you have the oportunity to compete & perform in different Salsa Night Clubs, Congresses, and Festivals all around  Los Angeles.


This Ladies Performance Team calls SoHo Dance LA home, and are proud to be the Angels of SoHo - the female talent of a high-class dance studio with roots nationwide. 


Each season consists of a 12 week program for women who want to start up a fun, healthy, and uplifting regimen in their lives. 


There is a dance level and a place for every individual. Whether you join to stay in shape, to learn how to dance, to feel more confident with yourself, or to meet new people, with SoHo Angel Dance Co. you have an oportunity. For those who seize that chance, you take your dancing to the next level and make grace and movement a part of your life in a more serious and committed way. 


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