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Class Schedule   Soho Dance Westwood & Sherman Oaks 

MONDAY     Location       Time

Latin Hustle    WEWO           7:05pm      


Ladies Styling      SHOK         6:15pm      

Salsa on2 Level I   SHOK        7:05



Soho Angel Rehearsals      8:15-9:30pm  

Class Descriptions
  • Salsa Ladies Styling is a class in which I focus on teaching the proper detailing and technique to make the feminine part of partner salsa dancing more aesthetically pleasing. Students focus on arm styling, body movement, footwork, weight transfer techniques, and spins, all to a fun, unique choreography.


  • All SoHo Salsa Classes are done with a partner in order to learn lead and follow technique, conection and frame. A partner is not required in order to take the class because we run the course in a rotational style so partners are switched throughout the hour-long session.  These weekly classes are a great chance for students to get in some quality practice while still having a fun time.


  • Latin Hustle is now offered at SoHo Dance LA,  we have a social and workshop every 3rd Sunday of the month. This is a style of dance with a sincopated footwork that can be moved to with the musicality of Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, or your favorite modern music, all while infusing a fiery latin flavor. 



watch me teach This fun class at SOHO DANCE LA! 
Private Lesson Rates

1 Lesson      -     $125


5 Lessons     -     $550    ($110 per lesson)


15 Lessons   -     $1,500 ($100 per lesson)


25 Lessons   -     $2375 ($95 per lesson)

Group Classes

$30     -    Single Class


$200   -    10 Pack


$130    -   Unlimited Monthly (Both Locations)

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