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Welcome Ladies! 
Want to learn to dance right? 
Gain confidence in your movement? 
Perfect your feminine style? 
Take a Salsa Ladies Styling class!

In Ladies Styling, students learn the proper body movement, arms styling, spinning, and footwork technique that make a proper dancer. This is a great way for experienced dancers to fine-tune their movements, as well as for novice dancers to get started the right way.

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Soho Angel Dance Company
  • Be a part of the most challenging Ladies Team in Los Angeles!

  • Choose from three performance seasons throughout the year, and become the dancer of your dreams today!

With SoHo Angel Dance Company, you are given the opportunity to be a member of a tight-knit dance performance team, to challenge yourself, meet new people, and travel to new places around LA, as well as around the country! 


SOHO Angel 


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